ArmorCoat: Paint protection coating

ArmorCoat is a clear aftermarket paint protection coating. When sprayed over an existing OEM base coat/clear finish, the highly flexible and impenetrable properties of ArmorCoat will reduce and prevent damage caused by stone chipping, scratches, insects and weathering. ArmorCoat is invisible to the eye, but is so significantly thicker and more resilient than traditional OEM clear coat and auto body repair clear that even large stones, which can typically shatter an OEM finish and even leave chips or craters down to bare primer or even metal, leave no damage to vehicles treated with ArmorCoat paint protection coating.

Extremely Durable

Extremely Durable

Extremely Durable


Designed for cars, trucks, motor homes, over-the-road trucks, motorcycles and any other painted surface that needs to be protected from the elements and damage that normally occurs during the course of daily driving. Armor coat will not yellow over time.

This truly revolutionary product will protect the finish on cars, trucks, RV’s, fleet vehicles and even hot rod graphics.

OEM Paint

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